By Judah Song @yahoo.com

Dear Friends,

I heard this story from my pastor today, and it really touches my heart everytime i remember it again. I pray that you will be blessed, too….

There’s a little boy who really wanted to give something on his daddy’s birthday, so he prepared a little gift, he wrapped it carefully, and when that day came, full with excitement he came to his dad and said, “Daddy, I have something for you….”. Thinking it might only be a little toy, his dad said, “ok, just put it there and I will open it later. Now I have to go to work…..”. This little boy left his dad with a broken heart. In the office, his dad regretted what he’s said to his boy that morning, so he went home and asked where the gift was. The boy answered, “I thought you didn’t like my gift, so I gave it to my friend.”

Many years later, this little boy grew up and now he has a son. On Christmas day, with shining eyes, eagerness and enthusiasm, his 6 year old son came to him and said, “Look Dad, this is the first gift for you!” Learning from his father’s mistake, he opened his son’s little gift, and he saw a small green dinosaur pin that children use to wear. Although it looks funny for a grown up man like him, he put that dinosaur pin on that day anyway. Many people look at him with strange eyes as they saw the pin, and his friends asking him why he wear that funny pin everywhere. And he answered them with proudness, “This is the greatest gift that my son gave me….”.

May be all these times we think that we can’t give something worthy to our great God. But God doesn’t see what is in the surface….He sees our shining eyes, our enthusiasm, our excitement, our heart when we give our gifts to our Father. May be the angels will see God with strange eyes or even laughing as they see Him “wearing” what we give to Him….But proudly He will say, “This is the greatest gift from my son, from my daughter, and I’m proud to have this!”

Our God is a good God. May be we think that we’re unworthy for Him. We do so many mistakes, falling again and again…..but He’s been on this earth before, born in the flesh and walking as a Human, He knows exactly the temptations and trials in the world, He knows all those battles, He has experienced them all, and now He is standing as a High Priest in Heaven who understands our weaknesses (that’s what the Bible says) because He has gone through the same thing before.

So come to Him with boldness today, knowing that He will always gladly receive our prayers, He hears our prayers, and He’s willing to answer them. Never see yourself unworthy anymore. Even if you think that what you can give is nothing compared to His greatness…always remember, that He will proudly receive and “wear” that in Heaven…..

Love in Jesus, Mima


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